Monday, September 25, 2006

Strange Dream on 9/24

I know this isn't exactly related to the Valenzetti Equation, but I thought I'd share a wierd dream I had last night.

I dreamed that Rachel was on the DjDan show and she was stoned and incoherent and then someone (I think Mittlewerk) blew up a Hanso Foundation office with a bunch of special forces people in it....

And then here's the crazy part... Rachel gave us this video which explained what we've known for a few months now, that Alvar Hanso is her father.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Now What?

This video Rachel gave us in 70 pieces doesn't really tell us much.

At least, not much more than we already know. It confirmed that the "numbers" are part of the Valenzetti Equation. An already widely held belief.

Another widely held belief was that the Hanso Foundation was researching the Valenzetti Equation. What we have learned is that they weren't just researching it. They were trying to alter the variables of the Valenzetti Equation to change the outcome of the equation. But something happened. What was it? That is the new question.

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