Friday, June 30, 2006

More than just the Valenzetti Equation?

Thanks to some of our posters (Gus and Frenchie in particular), an interesting avenue of discussion has been opened up. (see the discussion below "What we know...")

Is there more to this than the Valenzetti Equation? We know that the equation is "not unlike" the Drake equation. And thanks to Persephone, we now know that there might be more to what Hanso Foundation is up to than just researching the Valenzetti equation.

We're still convinced that the central issue is the Valenzetti Equation. But what if there's more?


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At Last... Rachel Blake is on the trail.

While here at Finding the Valenzetti Equation have been theorizing that Hanso Foundation is researching the equation for a few weeks now, a brave soul has gone on a mission to uncover the truth. Rachel Blake is her name, as you probably all know by now. Her motivations for initially going on this mission are still unclear. But in the last day or so, she has spoken to Dr. Zander of the Vik Institute.

He has confirmed that mathematicians are researching an equation at the ultra secret facility hidden within the Vik Institute. Everything we've been saying so far, in fact.

Dr. Zander mentioned some symbols during the interview. We've seen these before, haven't we?

Let's keep up the pressure on Hanso on our front, and help Rachel in any way we can.

Thanks to all the people who have contributed to our efforts and I encourage more participation from them and any new visitors who feel they can provide assistence in the quest for truth.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fire at the Vik Institute... Is that the real story?

There's been a fire at the Vik Institute. A tragedy, for sure. There have even been deaths.

But the real story is who died. A mathematician by the name of Vigi Benoffski. A mathematician? At an institute run by the Mental Health Appeal program within Hanso Foundation?

Were we on to something? Is this further proof that Hanso Foundation is researching real world applications of the Valenzetti equation? Did Vigi learn too much? Or was this an experiment that went bad? I'm having a hard time understanding how research in a mental health facility can lead to a fire.

Does anyone have any information about Vigi Benoffski? Maybe if we learn more about his areas of expertise we can find out what he was doing at the Vik Institute.

Thoughts on the Valenzetti Equation

I've been thinking about how the Valenzetti Equation is being used by the Hanso Foundation, based on the other knowledge that the hacker Persephone has given us about them. We know that Alvar Hanso sold weapons during World War II, and he also sold weapons to NATO. It also seems very likely that the Hanso Foundation is in fact starting wars with the intention of selling weapons, as a memo to Minister of the Interior Mugato from Peter Thompson showed.

Now, here's the conclusion that I've come to. Alvar Hanso probably acquired the Valenzetti Equation not too long after it was completed, and immediately started the Hanso Foundation in order to implement his ideas. The goal, you ask? To set up a society of people who could repopulate the earth after the global nuclear war predicted by the Valenzetti Equation. Knowing that they had a limited time, the Hanso Foundation decided to make money as quickly as possible in order to secure the success of their multiple projects. These projects, of course, are all designed with the final purpose in mind: setting up a new society of human beings to repopulate the earth.

Unfortunately for the Hanso Foundation, the fastest way to make money is through corruption and abuse of power. In the end, they decided that the means justify the ends, so they hooked up with corrupt politicians and put dirty people in their own organization—all in the name of speeding ahead the security and safety of the world's future through their new society. Part of their plan to make money involved the starting of wars; wars, after all, need weapons, and the Hanso Foundation could sell the weapons to make the money that would fund their projects. Again, keep in mind that they did all of this while believing they were working for a positive future: the salvation of the human species through their projects.

However, there is one major problem with their decision. By starting wars, the Hanso Foundation is actually inadvertantly setting up the situation that they were hoping to project against. By causing such strife, the Hanso Foundation is actually putting in motion the events which will lead to global nuclear warfare. So, even though the Hanso Foundation might believe that they are doing the greater good by setting up a society to survive global nuclear war, they will ultimately be responsible for causing it, if they continue.

This makes the Valenzetti Equation a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is just my thoughts on the matter. I used facts to support my case, but in the end, it is only a theory.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hidden in Plain Sight?

One of our members came up with a very, VERY, interesting question. It seems they were looking at their cover of Gary Troup's book, Bad Twin, and noticed something odd. Take a look for yourselves:

See anything?

Look a little closer at the stick and its shadow. Some are speculating that the stick is an "I" and the shadow is an "S". When looking it at that way, the cover appears to read: "Bad Twin is Gary Troup".

What does everyone else think?

Can this somehow help us on our quest to find out the truth about the Valenzetti equation?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hanso Foundation Secretly Researching the Equation?

It has come to our attention that the Hanso Foundation might be using autistic savants to research the material applications of the Valenzetti equation.

It seem there is a person working behind the scenes at the Hanso Foundation who shares our concern over the secrecy of the Hanso Foundation's research and she has supplied us with some evidence.

dharma letter

The Hanso Foundation is investing a lot of time, and risk to their altruistic reputation, to unlock the power they believe can be gleaned from the Equation. Should this kind of power be kept in the hands of ONE organization? What do they intend to do with this research?

Hugh McIntyre, Director of Communications of the Hanso Foundation, prides himself on "accuracy and transparency". Oh really, Hugh? How about you live up to these words and make a statement explaining what is going on at the Vik Institute?

I have emailed Hugh McIntyre asking for a statement in response to these recent revelations. I ask that everyone do the same. Please make sure to include the URL to this website in your letters to Hugh. Together we can do this.

Special thanks to Tresbien for bringing this to our attention. The movement is stronger for your participation in it.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

What We Know About the Equation.

This is great, everyone. I see there is definitely an interest in getting to the bottom of this.

Please use this Post as the "What we know about the equation." folder.

A Call to ACTION

Acclaimed author, Gary Troup, published a book called "The Valenzetti Equation". The Hanso Foundation bought up all the copies and the rights to any further publications.

Someone, somewhere, has to have a copy of this book. The publisher, Hyperion, surely must have a copy in their archives but they are not permitted to release it or face legal action from the Hanso Foundation.

How does the public get their hands on a copy? Who's interested in finding out more about this mystery? Why would someone go to such great lengths to keep something like this a secret?

It's time to coordinate efforts, share information, and get to the bottom of this. Who's with me?

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